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The Stupidest Thought


Just when things couldn’t get any worse John had the stupidest thought about his role to help mankind. Then he almost puked with repugnance, saying aloud, “I’m not the savior for these people! I refuse to be anything for them to reflect into. Who will care about me?” But the thought kept returning that he was a mirror into their resistance, apathy and disconnection from the energy of the Universe. And that he was actually stuck in this resistance so deeply, that he was literally not functioning in life in any normal ways at all. Not that this was all bad, but his reality was closer to a homeless person who had disassociated from life itself. The bigger question came down to how could he turn this around and use it as a reference point to help people engage again, to help them bridge into an energy flow of consciousness and respect for the spirit of life itself. The flashes of recognition were hitting, but just as quickly John’s brain tried to discount them.   He opened his computer and started to write (in italics).   “Can I come back to life? It’s time I stop resisting and rebelling against everything. I do know for the longest time I have been waiting for something to happen in my life. Something for me to open up to, relax into and to just be happy. I can’t go on anymore in the old way. It is scary for me to invite in the peopleyouwhoever is reading this. But I don’t have any other choice if I am going to keep my sanity. Honestly, I’m closer to insane by now, and I guess I’ve been trying to lose my mind for a long time. I hear voices! Mostly one consistent voice, now, that describes itself as a voice from Mother Earth, an aspect or representative of her. I do not know why I have been chosen to relay messages from this voice, from Mother Earth. All I can say is I have resisted this interaction for a long time now. My life has gotten more and more isolated since I began hearing the voice. Most of the time I hear her as a female, and she goes by the name Sage. Or, I call her Sage. I think that’s what she asked me to call her. Once recently she spoke to me as the male version of Sage. It was strange to hear her as male.   I don’t know if I can trust these messages. It is easier to doubt, but the communications are persistent and what I’m hearing doesn’t look good for the fate of humankind. It’s not totally negative, but they’ve been saying for a while that humans have a finite time here, if they keep doing what they have been doing, and for the last fifty years in particular. The Mother Earth can no longer sustain the consciousness at which man is living and consuming Her life force, let alone Her resources.   I’m finding myself doubting, because this is not a new message. This writing has been on the wall for a long time. Maybe it’s that the severity of it has been lacking, making it harder for humans to confront? Several years ago the Mother Earth told me that we had less than twenty years to continue operating this way, and now ten of them have damn near passed. I hear the clock ticking and strangely enough I don’t even care. I guess I am just the messenger! It’s like many environmental protectors have said for a while, “We have found the enemy and…he is us.”   As I write this more sadness creeps up my body. There is no way I can save the planet, the only thing I can do is to communicate what I am hearing and what I feel. Maybe by some stroke of luck I will get a few people’s attention. There have been many forebears who have carried this torch much better than I could hope to, and with much more passion and elegance. I can’t say that I have even done that much for the Mother Earth before now. Mostly I have lived on the fringe of society, rarely fitting in with anyone. There has always been an alone feeling that had a heartbeat of sadness in it. Is that because I am not really of this tribe called “human?” I’ve been told several times now by Sage that I am of an elemental clan of beings who are the bridges between the “normal” third dimensional realm and the realm of the spirit. It’s really rather confusing. When I have been brought to meet these beings they look like a jellyfish kind of alien creatures. They had these beautiful lights glowing from inside their rather clear exteriors. I don’t know if this is how they look, or if they gave me this image to look at so I could see them in some sort of form. All I know is when the one who seemed to be a leader touched my heart I felt something I have been longing for my whole life. It replaced all of the age-old longing and sadness with a sense of love and being one with everything. A feeling of being home!   Sure, this story may sound like some of the various movies or TV shows that have been around for a long time. The being did look like the aliens at the end of James Cameron’s movie The Abyss. Even the message about taking care of the planet is not a new one.   I doubt the relevance of these messages, and then I am pushed forward anyway. I hear this in answer to my doubt, “It’s not about what has been said before, but rather what is being communicated now. The key with communication landing, being really heard, is that the messages will need to blend the feeling of love into the imagery of what happens when humans consciously take care of something. When they become the conscious guardians of the Mother Earth, and put aside their differences to co-exist peacefully in the garden that has been put together so perfectly for life as you know it.”   John stops to ponder this. Weren’t the forebears who preached this gospel much more eloquent? Whether they be Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, or those from an environmental perspective like John Muir, or Aldo Leopold. Maybe all of their messages were ahead of their time? Is humankind most easily guided and taught when they have something to lose, or they are afraid of death? Is that the easiest way to herd them into doing something proactive?   It isn’t even the threat of global warming, or the depleting oil and pure water resources that gets people’s attention so much as the catastrophic disasters that create empathy—albeit for a short period.   And unlike before, when faced with what seemed an impossible task, this time John goes back to the computer and continues to write.   I honestly do not know what I have to share with you, but I can start by giving you my experience these last few years. Please do not underestimate how alive and interactive the Mother Earth is. She will communicate with you, all you have to do is open your heart and pay attention. I do not wish you to live my experience, because it has been quite forceful. There seem to be a lot of players in this game, possibly spiritual beings from long ago who are showing up on the earth now, and some of them are very strange.   Maybe something is happening with time. It does seem like it is collapsing into a different relationship. Time is a strange measurement. Many see time as measured by a clock, others by the gray hair forming around their temples. Does the Mother Earth care about time? Does she measure how many species have become extinct during humankind’s reign? Does she make notes of how we have changed the landscape and the life of the oceans? In the broad spectrum of time, just how long will humans be on the graph of life existing on the planet earth?   What about the age of information, statistics and data? How little contradiction does it take for people to become desensitized to what we are doing to the earth? Through the agreement to disagree about global warming, nuclear environmental disasters and depleting natural resources with the oceans and the land, what is the overall human impact to life itself?   John stopped writing and started to think that maybe he, too, was desensitized to the point of disinterest. “I can’t organize my thoughts. I don’t know what I am trying to say, because it seems pointless.” Then he started to write again.   I know this is not going to be easy. As a matter of fact, it will prove to be the hardest thing I have ever done because I have never done anything like this.   Then something happened that John couldn’t explain. His head cleared. His thoughts became precise and intelligible again. It was like a switch flipped. He had created through the resistance.   I’ve been told I will be supported, can I allow that to happen? What if I don’t take any of this personally and just approach it as an exercise? I’ve been making this a lot harder than it needs to be. Why do I care if any of this is good, bad, creative, accurate or widely engaged with? Can I give myself permission to not be attached and to just report the weather?   All I feel right now is something is going to happen on the Mother Earth soon. It feels imminent. Without being negative to gain interest it feels like a majority of the population will be wiped out soon. That sounds ridiculous! But I keep seeing this in my mind and hearing it in my head. Is it through disease, disaster, or war? The splits keep occurring – is this the mind, intuition or Sage whispering the future – 2037 – into my ear?   Again, why should I care? It’s just my job to report the weather – but why 2037?   Volcanic activity keeps rising to the front and center. I see volcanoes wiping out life in so many places – clouds, ashes and darkness – and life still existing in sacred belts. What are the sacred belts?   It seems humans have been able to preserve life through love and balance in these sacred belts on Mother Earth. In all actuality Mother has protected these expressions from the forces of change. They have been preserved as seed stock and are surviving on a very short lease. There are less than one million surviving human beings on the planet and the population is being closely regulated through food and the right to procreate. Every expression of life is being reviewed and brought forward to test the necessity of existence.   From the years 2025 – 2037, it has been a constant proving ground, and prior during 2021 – 2025 the purge of human life hit its peak. During these four short years six billion people left their bodies due to death in some form or the other. The Mother Earth turned into a rotting smelling festering purge of existence, and humans were a small percentage of life forms leaving the planet as we know it. It was just easier to move on to another plane of reality.   Technology also hit its critical mass of popularity around 2025, much less reliance on implements became the norm because they basically became unreliable and useless. The utmost resilient and reliable intuition coming from a select few humans became the compass of guidance for the remaining one million. Fear of exposure to disease or jinx became the usual precaution in most adventures. People didn’t stray far beyond their known security. Lawlessness and civil liberties became the new parody. Who had the right to govern and order the few? Rather what voice was willing to be heard and risked to the point of public opinion pro or con? Possibly the crowds retained a bit of French Revolution and the guillotine. Death was a coming, who’s turn was it?   And yet the preciousness of life for the remaining seemed to take on a supernatural quality. Was death less probable for the remaining few? Better not test this idea too much. The power of the elements - water, air, fire and earth became the strongest of expression for Mother Earth. When an area was devastated by some form of death the area was often cleansed within a short time by fire, flood, tornado or quake. It was too systematic to seem natural or random. What was behind this was the common question?