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The Message


Okay, so this message was not going away. Even in the bliss of another reality John felt a tinge of doom and failure. What did he have to relay to people he didn’t know or connect to? How could he be a voice for Mother Earth, these elemental beings, or whatever they were? That was the block, maybe even a resistance put forth by his mind. It’s true the Mother Earth had told him to lose his mind long ago, but he just couldn’t let it go. At this point what did he have to lose? He didn’t need to be afraid of alienating friends and family because he had none. He needn’t worry about being ridiculed, because he wasn’t seeking approval from anyone. He didn’t even care about the skeptics, atheists, fundamentalists, radicals, spiritualists, environmentalists, religious folks or new-agers. He guessed he just didn’t have anything to say. Then that was solved for him.   Sage said, “All you have to do is write what you’re told to write. Listen and send it out.”   “Send it out where?” asked John. “I mean, I don’t know anyone to send anything to.”   “You just need to write the messages and they will come,” said Sage.   “Oh, like the movie! Build it and they will come,” said John. “I don’t know if I trust anyone will come.”   “That’s not the point and is not your concern. Your job is to write the messages. You do not need to worry about who reads it. That’s our job. You just need to make it available to the people and that’s where your computer and modern media come into play. You will just post the messages so they are live and your job will be complete,” said Sage.   “That’s a relief—I can figure out a place to post some messages and this whole thing will be over!” said John.   “It may not be that easy, but essentially that’s what you will do,” Sage said. “At this point, we don’t know how long this will take or how many messages will be conveyed.”   But John had heard what he wanted and for some reason he saw this as a finite solution to this crazy dream. In his mind he heard: I’ll write a few messages and this whole thing will be over.   Sage cautioned him, “Don’t get it in your head that this is one or two messages and it’s over. It could take a while.”   Suddenly John could see himself back at his computer and he started to dread this before he could completely come back from his journey. As he started to return, he slowly sat up and looked around the truck. He was having this delirious déjà vu—was it 2012 or 2021? What would someone think if they walked up on him and he was deep underwater in one of these experiences? In this moment he didn’t know or care. He was definitely caught in a time warp. Things were changing around him, but maybe he wasn’t. It didn’t matter. He had tried writing these messages before and couldn’t do it. He had to do this now.