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Sacred Belts


John continued to write feverishly. He seemed to be well past the resistance about listening into the future. Everything started to take on a surreal quality even surpassing what he had been experiencing the last few years. His head got very light as he seemingly would float along the ceiling of the Airstream as he pounded away on the computer. Time was definitely collapsing as he seemed to travel and move around in a fog, then he would focus back into the future and something would reconnect like an electrical plug in a wall socket.   Just prior to John River plugging back into the stream of future images we will make a pass into some attempts to describe the sacred belts. These belts were in places of long existing intention, prayer and recognition for peaceful co-existence between all life forms, environmental guardianship, and recognition of the elemental energies in their many forms and faculties.   These sacred belts were in known spiritual locations and many unknown secret canyons, valleys and caves. Some of these sacred belts even existed inside the Mother Earth, deep down into her belly. In these pockets life was still allowed to grow and prosper. There managed to be a good balance of those things necessary to maintain life and they ranged in the tiniest of land masses, to some very large land masses such as fertile valleys in the farm belts, large plateaus in the mountains or plains areas, but most of the places were very modest in size covering ten to one hunderd acres. Very few of these existed in cities or suburban areas, and most were in sparsely populated areas where people managed to locate to in late 2020 and early 2021. Most did not know why they were pulling up roots in the middle of the night leaving the doors unlocked as they left their homes. There was an innate knowing they would never return to these places.   As John continued to write he felt a strange sense of euphoria. What was that about? He wasn’t sure if he cared whether he was one of the surviving people. It’s not like it sounded like too much fun in the times ahead.   The Sacred Belts were possibly better explained by Sage as John continued to listen and write, and the best image John received was that these were special permission zones not controlled by the government or any group of people, but rather by Mother Earth herself. Those not allowed to enter did not try to enter these zones because they simply were not aware of them, could not see them in fact. So, there were those folks who seemed better off in the safety zones, and there were the rough and rowdy lawless bunch that seemed to be on the run like in the Mad Max movies. They really didn’t have a clue what was going on and didn’t care because they were looking at life from survival of the fittest, best armed and most lucky!   Sage continued to give John examples of the way life had taken these turns and the newer ways people in the Sacred Belts were choosing to exchange with the Mother Earth to be nourished with life. In some ways it was like the clock had been turned back two to three hundred years. People gave thanks for each meal as if it were the last, they gave appreciation to the waters as if it were the last drink in the hot desert, they gave appreciation for the air to fill their lungs as if they were being fed oxygen in a ventilator, and they gave appreciation for fire as if it were the last bit of heat on the coldest of winter nights. There were no distractions about money, wealth, luxury, or entertainment, but rather the passing of time was spent addressing what was working in communication with the Mother Earth, the elemental energies and angelic realms. It seemed many of the children had the easiest access because of their purity and lack of agenda.   Once people were in the Sacred Belts they rarely left and for a good year no one even bothered to communicate beyond these boundaries for fear of exposure and infiltration. But the artist had to create - music, art, dance and stories were molded into secret messages, so the Sacred Belts could be connected and so that interactions could go on. Old Ham radios resurfaced and started an underground movement of connection, a pirated form of the Internet was available but one never knew if they were being spied on from lands outside the protected zone, and a new form of psychic communication became the cleanest way to speak to others. It consisted of using crystals, copper and high altitude to focus a human frequency outward to another Sacred Belt. The Universal language was tuned to a frequency of love that few could express. The gifted ones would focus love out of the heart in a spiral, the copper would conduct the energy and the crystal would magnify the energy outward in a spiral towards another community – it would focus through a cone like megaphone < and the receiving side would catch these messages through a similar cone > reversed. In times past the radios would seem too rudimentary to work, but much like the Tesla ideas with energy these became the primary forms of communication and they were virtually undetectable because the outsiders had no one who could crack the code due to the element of love being such a high frequency in these Sacred Belts.     The Mother Earth had the attention of those who chose to pay attention and they grew to feel more and more protected in these sacred belts. The insulation layers grew stronger as those within realized they were in a safety zone for some peculiar reason. No one knew exactly what they were, however those that were there all had similar passions regarding the preciousness and protection of Mother Earth. It was hard for most to accept the devastation and protection as being created by Mother Earth, because they refused to accept her as having consciousness far exceeding human being-ness. Some believed what was happening on the earth was due to forces beyond the third-dimension and that the Sacred Belts were just lucky zones by those who happened to be within them. Needless to say, superstitious beliefs ran rampant because no one knew exactly what was going on.   And this is where John came back down to earth as we say! He bumped into his mind once again. Was he just dreaming this up from some fractured fantasy once again taking him out of the normal human experience? He got a sinking feeling in his stomach. He suddenly started to feel restless. The duality of logic and fantasy, mind and spirit, doubt and love, alone and connected, despair and hope, fear and faith…all sprang into action.   Sage gently whispered in his ear, “Life is changing as you have known it John River. You have been resisting this message for many years now. Give up and give in to Mother Earth. She contains all consciousness - life, birth, death, rebirth, creation and destruction. She contains all. All representations of the Universe reside within the Mother. Stardust, sunlight and darkness reside in her womb. You are being allowed to look into the future to help the few prepare for the journey. The time is coming closer. You have a job to do and you are doing it, do not stop.”   John asked, “Who are the beings in heaven? Who is the creator? Who sparked life into beginning?”   There was a momentary silence. Then John heard a different voice. At least it sounded different than Sage. But maybe it was the male side?   “You have met the creator. He has called you brother and said we meet again, which you could benefit from remembering, even if it felt like a dream. The brother being is a source of light being, he is one of the creators. Life grows out of his desire to love, to give birth, grow and expand more love into the darkness. He could be called God, Creator, One Consciousness, or simply Love. He is not limited to Mother Earth. He is not greater than Mother Earth, or less than. His domain reaches a bit further in some regards even though Mother Earth works with the same energies of creation and consciousness.”   John started to interrupt but was cut off.   “Your task is to go beyond the need to understand and leap into the experience of love, the choice to let go into the vastness of love. In this place you will wake up and remember all you need to know. Your civilization’s time is running out. You know this and have known this your whole life. We have tried to reach you every way we know how. We needed you to have the discouraged, apathetic view of life that has accumulated this lifetime, so that you can be experienced by the others as one of them. As you well know, you are not special. At least up until now! Going forward you are going to be able to reclaim some levels of awareness that some humans would view as ‘superpowers’ but all who choose will awaken to the same reality about the same time as you, if they make it.”   “Most are not going to make it through the birth canal of consciousness this time and this miscarriage will provide a change of scenery on the Mother Earth like nothing you could imagine. The collapse of the environment will take much of the population with it. She will not stop it this time, but rather will let the cleansing occur. You’ve seen it happening already in your glimpses into the future.”   “We’ve told you that you are one of us. You came here to become human for this time. No one else volunteered for this mission, so you are made of the same fabric of love as your brother. You gave of yourself to be here and maybe this is why it is so hard to accept. To give up the experience of existence as an enlightened being, or more accurately as an elemental being of light carrying earth, air, fire and water energies and being able to meld these forces together as a generator of light much like the sun. To move through the vast horizons of consciousness and sprinkle life along like Johnny Appleseed spreading stardust among the fairies. Yes, John River it is time for you to wake up!”   “No wonder I have resisted the normal life of the human being! It’s hard for me to grasp what I could possibly have accomplished in a human suit trying to live in such a material driven reality. It still doesn’t add up. Why would I do this?” asked John.   “The power of love is indescribable, it does not fit into a world of logic. There are a few of you who love germinating life from the seeds of love. The blueprint of creation is built upon the perfection of love. The perfection of love is like a snowflake, no two seeds are exactly alike; however, all of life shares the same building blocks and share very similar patterns of design and relationship. The simplest truth is all things are made of stardust.”   The bigger question is not why would you do this. No, that is answered easily by a Mother protecting her young, and ironically you have a bigger investment in the human species than Mother Earth herself. She is actually more neutral than you. The bigger question is why you chose to be a part of this event this time. Why you chose to downgrade your evolution to the point of physical form? Why you have agreed to help those who do not understand the greater force of love and the love for Mother Earth that holds the whole Universe together!   John stood up inside the familiar metal trailer he had called home for a long time now, and he walked outside and laid on the earth. He closed his eyes. Everything started to spin in his mind, his nervous system turned on and he became energized like in the old days. A dust devil spiraled around him as a vortex opened up deep inside Mother Earth. He let go of his physical body and hoped to never return to it. He embraced the death of this experience and asked it to move through him. But it would not prove to be this easy for John River. He traveled great distances in this meditation and saw many things, nevertheless it wasn’t time for him to leave this body and he would not do physical harm to himself or another, so he was stuck in this reality for the time being.   When he opened his eyes he hopefully expected something to be different, but everything was pretty much the same it had been. Such is life for John River, everything was pretty much the same it had been.